A little Information about the Lady behind the lens..

Hi there,

My name is Francesca and I am a professional photographer based out of Christchurch, New Zealand. I've always loved capturing joyful or sentimental moments, my camera roll is always running out of space! To be able to combine that with the enjoyment of working with new friendly faces each day - often in the most incredible of locations, well it's a dream come true. I studied a 12 month photography course and have such an appreciation for the technical side of photography as well as the creative. While I love photographing anything and everything, I'll admit I have a special place in my heart for children, couples and families.

I look forward to hearing from you,


ahhhhh, sometimes I just feel so unbelievably lucky 🤍🤍 moo is so cheeky and cheerful, he’s so social and amazing with new people and changes in his routine. He’s so sensitive, empathetic, caring and kind; with his kisses and cuddles and “you okay?”s and “aw no okay, look look!”s, I feel so insanely proud of him every day for a million different reasons. Don’t get me wrong, he’s cheeky and troublesome, his ears don’t always work and I’m often asking him whyyyy whilst simultaneously face palming, but the good/fun/loving/hilarious moments far outweigh the challenging ones. I’m so lucky to be his mum 🥰❤️
WFH means comfy tees and that makes me happyyyyy
Moo the model 😍😂
Monday meet-ups 🥰🥰
Just me in the sun while all my mates are at the gallops ☺️☺️
moo moo enjoying the perks of mums work 🥰
How did I get so lucky 😍😍 (lucky the pram has clip in straps bc Monty is actually wild atm and kept trying to go head first into the river lol)
Boys on tour 🖤
Boats, trucks, helicopters and the outdoors, moo’s in paradise 🥰🥰

Come find me on Instagram, @photographywithfran